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Star Acts are always keen to hear from Artistes who are new to the Industry and are looking for that little bit of guidance to get them on the ladder to performing in public, or from experienced artistes who believe they have the qualities we are looking for to join our team of many successful entertainers.
We pride ourselves in providing high quality performers and to keep those standards to the levels expected, we like to view any new artistes performing Live before agreeing to represent them. There are two ways this can be achieved  - either by attending and performing at one of our Audition Showcases which we would stage at a one of our Venues who are always looking for new talent, or by supplying us with LIVE Video Footage of you performing
(In other words, not a Studio Recording).
If you are interested in being represented by Star Acts Entertainments Ltd,
Apply for an audition or supply us with a Live Recording 

What we expect at an Audition or from a Live Recording ;
  • We try to make our auditions as relaxed as possible. They are held in a local club and their members enjoy a social night with entertainment, so you will be performing in front of an audience to make it more authentic.

  • Your live recording has not got to be in front of a live audience, but is preferable. 

  • Audition spots are between 20 and 30 minutes long. Ensure you choose a selection of songs that will make an impact, as this isn’t long to show us what you do. Try to show us a cross section of the type of material you perform.

  • Please dress for your performance as you would for a gig whether that is at the Audition or for your Live Recording. This is no different to going for a job interview and we need to see all aspects of your act including your presentation.

  • Important Note; Star Acts are sticklers for Presentation, so if you are not the sort of act that likes to look Smart on Stage, then you will not be what we are looking for - that means No Jeans ( Dont Care What Make), No Trainers, Flip Flops etc.   

  • Prior to your audition date, please send us your promo photos, and a typical set list. On the night please bring a copy of your date sheet so we can consider all of this and give any feedback on your information.

  • As the auditions are relaxed we don’t give a running order before the night.

  • Not all acts that audition will be taken on by us or given work. We will however, let everyone know our decision as soon as possible and try to give constructive feedback.

  • We appreciate that you may be nervous but do try to have fun and we look forward to meeting you.

  • Remember; The more information we have about you - Photos  / Blog / Any recordings, will help sell your act to us.  







Acts wishing to apply to Audition or wishing to submit an Application
New Acts Looking for Advice / Guidance / Platform to Perform


As the Director of Star Acts, like most acts on this database,
i started my musical career at the bottom and worked my way up.
After sitting at a Piano from the age of 6 to aged 16, i was lucky enough to have a Father who ran a Band and he had me performing at Talent Contests and going with him performing for free at Clubs Sunday Lunchtimes, until he threw me in the deep end one night when his Keyboard player was unwell. That first gig i can still remember even now !!. From then on, that was it -the Keyboard player was told he was not needed and i was in the Band !!
So I know how nerve racking it is when you first start out, and I am one of these Agents, who gets enormous pleasure seeing new Talent shine through and naturally we have all the experience, the right people and contacts to help you on your journey. From advice with equipment, how to use it, Tutors to enhance your performance, Contacts for Publicity Pics, Videos, Recording, Talent Contests, Showcases, Performance Opportunities etc etc. 
You can either Email Us or Phone us and we will be pleased to help.
If you are below the Age of 18, please ask either your Mum or Dad to contact us initially.    







Star Acts Entertainments Ltd
Applicants Please complete the form below & submit
or Email us

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