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Artiste Services Page 

This page has been set up to assist all our hard working Artistes who may be looking for various services. The services and Companies recommended, i have personally used in one way or another and still do. These are my recommended suggestions, however neither myself or Star Acts can be held responsible if things do not work out as you wish when utilising their services. I am happy to answer any questions on any of the services below prior to you making contact.

What i would advise is, remember you get what you pay for in most cases, if a service is very cheap, no doubt there will be a reason for it  !!

Ansers Accountancy Services

Suite 3

10 - 20 Main Road




Contact;  Andy Packer

Tel; 01702 201627 

Accountancy Services

This is the Company Star Acts uses for its Accounting and has done since we started back in 1995. These guys know their stuff and are very knowlegable with the Entertainment Industry. They also are the accountants for many other acts that work for us as well as recognised named Entertainers. Highly Recommended

Electronic Music Services

Rear of Prittlewell House

30 East Street 




Contact;  Mike or Ian

Tel; 01702 613172

Mbl; 07775 771127 

Instrument  / Equipment Repairs

From a broken Mic to a full on re wire of a keyboard, these guys really know their stuff. What they dont know about equipment is not worth knowing !!.

They will be honest with you and extremely helpful.  Very well respected by all musicians and vocalists. Well worth a call if something is not quite right with your kit, it may be something simple which they can help with over the phone.

Recording Services

Arcade Studios 

2 The Links

Stow Maries




Contact;  Pete Booker

Tel; 07973 794301 







I always believe that if you go into a studio and you want to walk out of it knowing you have achieved what you wanted to do before you went in, you need a sound engineer that has the patience of a saint and one without attitude that is going to tell you how

he / she thinks it should sound !!  Pete Booker is for me and many of the Acts that have visited his studio exactly the type of guy you need when recording. Top class equipment , relaxing atmosphere, vast experience having worked with many named acts including Suggs from Madness. If you want a Recording which has your stamp on it, high quality and something to be proud of when sending it out to potential bookers or just selling to general public, Arcade is the "Go To" Studio for many of our Artistes. who are based in Kent / Essex Area. 





pete booker.jpg

Stocks Studios

Contact; Clayton Stocker

Tel; 07846 594489




However, if you are one of our Acts based near Cambridge / Haverhill  / Bury St Edmunds or north of that and don't want to trek all the way to Chelmsford, We can highly recommend Clayton Stocker who runs Stocks Studios. Equally as patient as Pete and plenty of experience recording Solo acts, Bands and Tribute Shows.

Always happy to help and has great expertise getting the best out of your Recording.   

Mushroom Rehearsal Studios 

Lubbards Lodge

Hullbridge Road




Contact;  Mick or Clare

Tel; 01268 784599

Mbl; 07833 104822

Rehearsal Studios

Mushroom Studios is a purpose built 8 Room Rehearsal Studio catering for the solo act to a full on Touring Band. Has now been established over 25years and we use these regularly for all our rehearsing whether with the Band or solo acts wanting to try new material. Each studio has a PA all set up ready to go at a flick of a switch and prices are sensible. It also boasts tea / coffee making facilities etc. Easy load in and out with kit, no stairs. Would advise booking well in advance although always worth a call last minute in case they get a cancellation. 

KALM Studios 

Unit 12

Brocks Business Park



SS11 8YN

Contact;  Alex Moore

Tel; 01277 280512

Video Recording

These Guys really know how to get the best from your performance on film.

Your Showreel is vitally important in getting yourself out there to Bookers and prospective clients. Give them a call for no obligation advise and guidance with what sort of showreel you are looking to produce.

Vastly experienced with nothing being to much trouble Alex and Lee are nice guys who are genuine and want to get the end result right for you .

Many of the videos you see on this Website have been produced by KALM, Kylie and Gloria Estefan Tribs to name but a few. 

East & South East Office

60 - 62 Clapham Road




Tel; 020 7840 5537

Musicians Union  - Public Liability Insurance

Many of you Acts already have Public Liability Insurance, and if you haven't, you need to get it !! It is virtually the norm that wherever you perform there is a good chance that you will be required to supply proof that you have Public Liability Insurance.

When you join the Musicians Union, you get this included in your membership and additionally you get legal advice, contracts you can print and use for your own gigs as well as workshops to enhance your performance which are staged locally. Many of you choose to go with Equity, which again is a very good Organisation.

Either one will benefit you and give you peace of mind when performing, remember all it takes is someone to trip over a stand and next thing you know, you get one of those no win / no fee companies after you, thats when it comes into play !! 

We have listed the Musicians Union contact info, however Equity as previously mentioned can be contacted offering something on same lines.   

PAT Testing

Star Acts Entertainments Ltd 

11 Scotts Walk




Tel; 01268 777223

Mbl; 07940 572921

Having your kit PAT tested is equally as important as having Public Liability Insurance.

Its another requirement most venues will request from your act wherever you perform.

Many company's offer this service at extortionate rates which i find as an Agent totally unacceptable as its not rocket science to test your leads and is only a 1 Day course at the most !! 

The machine to test you leads is admittedly expensive, however the good news is that i personally took the test and am a fully qualified Pat Tester with certificate to prove it !!.

Additionally i have 2 other people i know very well who are also fully qualified one being on this website Abby Owers (Solo Artiste). The other is Wayne Owers who is one of our Close Associates as well as Running our DJ Division.  So if you need any testing done, contact us at Star Acts and we can help get those leads tested and give you a Pat Test Certificate which will be a lot cheaper than most of the company's we hear offering this service at silly money !!

Personalised Instrument Covers  / Bags 

JH Personalised Covers 

c/o Star Acts Entertainments Ltd

11 Scotts Walk




Tel; 01268 777223

Mbl; 07940 572921


Many musical items you purchase whether it be a Mic, lights, stands are in cardboard boxes. No matter how well you try to keep those boxes, they eventually succombe to wear & tear. One of our Acts had some personalised bags made for her speaker stands, and some speaker covers made. This was the handywork of her MUM !!

The quality and look was so good, she said to her, you need to do this for other Acts.

As you can see from the pics, they look great !!.

We ae happy to pass on her details to any acts that would like cases/bags or persoanlised covers made. They can have your Band name / initials whatever you wish and whatever colour. 

Give us a call for her contact info 

National Trade Showcases 
Keeping it Live National Showcase

Marade Clark

Keeping it Live National Showcase  

Tel; 07768 551766


Some artistes are of the opinion that Showcases are about Agents & Bookers getting together for a Booze up with some free Entertainment chucked in for good measure !!

Well i hate to poor cold water over this illusion, but i can assure all you doubters of Showcases that this is far from the truth. It has to be said that there are a handful of Bookers that treat them this way and there are also clients looking for a free night of Entertainment with no intention of booking any Acts.  When this Agency is approached by any clients / potential clients, we are cautious and mindful of ensuring that it is to everyones benefit.  we do not want to waste the artistes time, effort, travel costs or for that matter our own time in supplying sound equipment / programmes etc only for it all to be for a lost cause and just to put beer money over someones bar.


However, Star Acts would no way be where it is today if it was not for Showcases. They are the backbone of Networking, New opportunities for work, Finding new entertainers to add to the agents database and an opportunity to meet fellow Agents,  Artistes and people in the industry who we would never normally communicate with without the means of a Showcase.

For Artistes, its your ideal opportunity to network with Agents, Perform in front of the Trade, Get your Performance recorded on Video, have publicity pics taken of your performance.  If you need any examples of Acts that have gained from Showcases, there are plenty to ask - Harry Cambridge, Courtney Pryde, Jenni Hayward, to name but a few.


So what are the best Showcases to attend  - to be seen at  ??

Keeping it Live National Showcase is the one to put in your diary

2 x Annual Events a year  - November in Birmingham and January in Blackpool.

These Showcases are the ones to be seen at, with a Professional Compare, Live Backing Band (If Required), Highest spec PA  / Lighting and the trade watching you and willing you to perform to your very best. 

Star Acts are always happy to help and guide any acts considering going for a spot at either of these 2 events.

Additionally we are always happy to represent you which does carry a little bit of weight when being represented by an Agent as opposed to being booked directly.

You can ring us anytime to discuss this matter without any obligation.

However, please feel free to contact Marade Clark who organises it.

Her Contact details can be seen on this page.

Look forward to seeing some of you there as we always attend these 2 showcases every time. 

When we do identify good opportunities to stage our own showcases, we invite. certain artistes to appear who we consider would be the type of act our clients would be looking for. We do not encourage a free for all / just turn up. scenario.

We always advertise our Showcases on our Star Acts Gig Page on Facebook. If you are not linked to the group, please contact me and i will ensure to add your act.


Any queries Showcases - in particular Keeping it Live, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

Excerpts from
Keeping it Live
National Showcase
Some expert advice from our Compere
Tank Sherman
Star Acts Ents Ltd Gig List
& Return Bookings Policy 

Star Acts Ents Ltd Gig List

Tel; 01268 777223

Mbl; 07940 572921  


The vast majority of our Artistes are aware of our Group page on facebook. We set this up as it was proving a lot easier to post up and coming gigs  / certain types of acts required on this page rather than ring round / tx certain acts and then wait ages for replies !! 

Additionally if you have no gig and its a Friday / Saturday, always message us and let us know you are free, last minute gigs still come in from various sources, other Agents, Clients, and people who just Google for a local Agent, so always worth letting us know.


If a client requests a certain act that they have seen before and booked through us, we will always pass that work back to the act that generated it in the first place.  We do hear of stories from acts where they have performed for an Agent, the venue promises the act a return booking for them, only for the act to see other acts getting return gigs but not them. Let us reassure all our acts, if you are promised a return gig, and the venue ask for you back, it will be you we will book in. Remember as far as we are concerned whoever performs, its the same commission !

Additionally, if you are performing at one of our venues and they wish to get some dates in the diary on the night, unlike some Agents, we have no problem with that at all.

Please just do the polite thing, give us a call the next day with the dates, Please do not forget or leave it, thats when the embarrassing situations happen, which can easily be avoided with that phonecall. 

If there are any queries with any of the above , give us a call for a chat..

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