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There are many Queen Tribute Bands out there, but you will have to go a long way to find a Band as authentic as these guys.

This Band really are the real deal, covering 2 sets of all the hard hitting songs which made Queen one of the most prolific Bands ever to perform on a Stage. Who can forget Live Aid, they had every single person eating out of their hand, these guys are literally the next best thing to the real thing.

Give us a call to check availability for this very busy Band.

Queen Alive
The Freddie Experience
by Danny Cole

Danny Cole is a hugely gifted, versatile and talented all round performer with a brilliant personality which makes his show great fun. Danny fronts top tribute band ‘The Professionals’ as well as having a successful solo career.

Danny has a full one-man Freddie Mercury tribute.  Experience the amazing likeness both visually and vocally.  He has perfected this show to a level that enthrals the audience.

This show can be booked as a 1 x 60 minute show or mixed with Danny’s other shows which include Neil Diamond, Elvis and Rat Pack/Swing.

Danny also performs a tribute to George Michael & the 80s.




Mario Magaro
Forever Freddie

Mario Megaro is a multi talented and versatile performer.
He can please any aged crowd in any location.
Since 1998 He has done around 3000 professional shows and around 600 semi-pro shows before that. he played many London, Brighton Birmingham Manchester corporate events including hotel work,

clubs, restaurants, showgrounds, arena festivals and Theatres. He also plays guitar. he likes to work the stage and work the audience.
He I like to sing anything and everything.

His favourite is of course the Freddie Tribute which is so much more fun than he ever thought it could be, He wishes he had done it years ago.

He presents a very in your face show as you would expect with this tribute to what many would say was the greatest showman to ever grace a stage.   






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